To support the launch of the Multitap™ 3N1 in Australia InSinkErator have launched an interactive mobile app that allows consumers to visualize the new tap in their own kitchen using augmented reality.

Multitap 3N1 dispenses cool water, hot water as well as steaming hot water from the single kitchen mixer tap, hence delivering new levels of convenience to the modern kitchen.

Designed and manufactured in Italy this new tap brings contemporary style to new and existing kitchens, and using the Multitap app means choosing a new kitchen tap has never been easier nor more fun.

How to use
How to see the Multitap 3N1 mobile app in your home today.

Step 1
Go to the iTunes or Google Play stores and download the MultiTap app.

Step 2
Open it up and find the surface you want to place the MultiTap or near. Such as your existing kitchen bench.

Step 3
Click on markerless and select your tap. You can switch between different styles and different finishes to see what looks best in your home.

Learn how easy the mobile app is to use