A few years ago I was lucky enough to install a waste disposal unit for my kitchen and now I don’t think I could ever live without it. The installation of an InSinkErator® Food waste disposer is the perfect complement to a modern kitchen. We live in a climate that is prone to hot summers. That can mean nasty food smells, bacteria and insects grow if food waste is left in the kitchen, even when kept in a rubbish bin.
That’s where a food waste disposer comes in! It can deal with food waste quickly and hygienically, leaving no mess and no smell… I am impressed!

It’s such a simple and safe system which I use every day. With new bins systems where we need to sort out food waste from recycling and general waste, the InSinkErator has been so handy. My kitchen is so busy all the time. With 3 boys we go through a lot of food! With a food waste disposer, food scraps are conveniently and hygienically deposited down the sink, ground into fine particles and flushed safely into the sewage system, eliminating the need for food waste bins and funky food smells.

I put all my scraps in the InSinkertor, turn on the cold tap and let it do the work! The InSinkErator flange that replaces your normal plughole so it’s a simple system which can be installed in most existing kitchen sinks. The food waste is then ground into tiny particles by an internal grind ring, with NO blades involved. I don’t have to stress about my hand being chopped off!

InSinkErator disposers are designed to cope with most types of food waste, including small bones, meat, fish, peelings, eggshells, watermelon, oranges and so much more.

This is definitely a must-have for a busy family with lots of kitchen activity! Save time, dispose of waste easily and keep the nasty smells out of your kitchen.