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Guy Grossi Recipe : Cozze Al Pomodoro


200ml olive oil

1 onion finely diced

2 garlic cloves finely chopped

1 celery stalk finely chopped

5g chilli chopped

600g ox heart tomatoes 5mm dice

5g fresh chopped oregano

200ml white wine

1.2kg local mussels

100g pitted black olives

Handful fresh basil leaves torn

Sea salt

Freshly cracked pepper


Heat the olive oil in a heavy based braising pan. Add the garlic and onion and cook until soft. Add the celery and chilli and cook for a few minutes then mix in the tomatoes and oregano and sauté for a minute. Then add the white wine and simmer slowly for 10 minutes uncovered. Add the mussels, season with sea salt and cracked pepper and cover cook for 4 minutes, holding down the lid shake carefully the pan to help open the mussels. Remove the lid, add the pitted olives and serve with a garnish of torn basil leaves. Serves 4

Introducing Guy Grossi as Multitap Brand Ambassador

Introducing Guy Grossi, Australian chef and media personality as Multitap Brand Ambassador

Who better than Australia’s own Italian Culinary Master Chef to represent our brand than Guy Grossi. Guy was born 13 May 1965 is an Australian chef and media personality. He owns several restaurants in Melbourne in 1996 Grossi was awarded the “L’insegna Del Ristorante Italian “ by the President of Italy and for his dedication to presenting and promoting “La Cucina Italian” and lifestyle. He tells us what he thinks of the Multitap and how being Italian makes all the difference!


MultiTap Engineered in Italy. Inspired by passion.

MultiTap Engineered in Italy. Inspired by passion.

Over centuries, Italians have made their cultural mark on the world, whether it be through art, philosophy, music, haute couture or the finest culinary pursuits. They have long been leading the way, forging new ground, pushing the boundaries as part of a deep-seated desire to really embrace life’s rich tapestry. And let’s face it we have all just fallen in love with everything they do! We love the passion, craftsmanship and heritage put into everything Italians do, and now they are the creative drivers behind InSinkErator’s premium range of tapware Multitap or as the Italian’s like to say Mult Rubinetto.